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LBI will be officially launching in October 2021.  

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Learn Spanish, French,German,

English,  Portuguese, Italian and Thai

Whether you are a complete beginner or intermediate,  LBI can help you get to the next level 


How can LBI Help You?



LBI automatically generates high quality subtitles for any video which is imported into the platform. This will help you to greatly develop your listening skills by listening to native speaker. 

Built-in Dictionaries

The definitions of words and expressions are available at your fingertips, by simply clicking or hovering over the words

Color Coding

Words are color coded in order to let you visualize your progress and to focus your efforts on unknown word


Translated Subtitles

LBI automatically translates the subtitles into your native language.  so that you can easily understand the meaning of a video

Synchronized Subtitles

Subtitles and translations are displayed side-by-side and appear synchronized with the video playback

Decode the Structure

Word and sentence translations help you to decode the meaning and structure of each sentence in the original soundtrack language

Decode the Structure



Scene Replay 

Replay a scene by simply double-clicking on the corresponding line

Speed Control

Adjust the playback speed (0% - 100%) 


Hover over any word to hear the pronunciation. The pronunciation is also displayed using IPA notation -  International Phonetic Alphabet.

Custom Definitions